My bones are weary
I wonder if they will crumble
My blood is racing
I fear I may stumble
My chosen path is steep
I have to keep climbing

The end is in sight
But my hope is dwindling
I know I should fight
But my light is diminishing
Anxiety is blurring my sight
But I can’t let it be crippling

Keep breathing
Hold on
Believe in the light
Clear my eyes
Focus my sight
Defeat is not my destiny

Selfie Nation

It’s true, I’m as much a part of the Selfie phenomenon as so many of my peers.  Are we self-obsessed egomaniacs?  Nah, I don’t think so.  Sometimes I’m just being silly, sometimes I’m reflecting the mood I’m in, other times I’m capturing a crazy hair moment.  There are a lot of reasons to take selfies!  What do YOU see in these photos of me? Continue reading



My world is in ashes at my feet
In a single heartbeat
Wraps firmly around my neck
Nothing is as it seems
This life, a crumpled up dream
I fight to see the light
But darkness has consumed me
Your love, it reaches out to me
Our hands, they struggle to meet
I want our world back
This disease has ripped us apart
I will never be carefree
Depression has trapped me
Aware of only misery
This is my reality
Struggling to breathe
Always reaching
Looking for a way
Back to you and me



There’s a fierceness to her fragility.


A Moment To Breathe

I have a moment to breathe.  A moment to sit back and think about the whirlwind of activity that is so demanding of my time and attention as of late.  For the first time in months I don’t feel overwhelmed, though I fear this feeling won’t last.   Continue reading


Friendship has always been hard for me.  

As far back as I can remember, all I’ve ever wanted is to be accepted and liked by my peers.  I think most people have this innate desire.  For some it is more subconscious while others are more acutely aware of their hankering to belong.   Continue reading

Don’t Be A Flake

We have all known someone who fails to keep plans from time to time.  In fact, we have probably all been that person at some point in our lives.  Sometimes it’s unavoidable, emergencies pop up and we have to cancel at the last-minute – it happens.  Then there are the people who do this type of thing far too often and the worst part is, they don’t seem to think it’s a problem.  These people are flaky.  Their behavior implies they do not care about your time or your feelings when they continually bail on you at the last-minute.  It’s simple, don’t be a flake. Continue reading

Canopy In My Mind

Canopy-in-my-Mind Continue reading

This Ship Won’t Wreck

As I laid sprawled across the bed tears spilled from my eyes in steady streams.  The stitching on our quilt felt soothing against my weary skin and I hugged my pillow closer.  This is too familiar, I’ve done this too many times.  Exhausted by the weaving and winding of this road, unable to see what monsters lurk around the next bend.  In reality, the monsters hide in the folds of my own mind, creatures I create without knowledge or intention.   Continue reading


Where has my self-confidence gone?

Doubting my ability to function in the world

Unsure of everything around me

Incapable of self-care

Out of control

This is unfamiliar

But is it? Continue reading