Depression: Catalyst for Change

I am not a professional expert on depression.  Through all of my personal experiences I have learned a lot; however, depression affects everyone differently.  I recently watched a few TED talks about mental illness and it gave me the idea to share them with you here.  I decided to create a place for collecting knowledge and resources that can enlighten and guide all of us.  With that in mind, I am also sharing links to articles, blog posts, and other relevant content.  My goal is to promote education, awareness, cultivate a compassionate community and to fight stigmas regarding depression and mental illness. 

Depression Catalyst for Change

The inspiration for this page began with Breaking Silence, you may want to start there  ❤

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Please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in the comments.  I only ask that you remain respectful and compassionate otherwise your comment will be removed without hesitation.  If you want to share your story or have suggestions as to appropriate content for this page don’t hesitate to contact me, this is meant to be a resource for all of us!

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Definitions, Articles & Resources
⇒ NAMI – National Alliance on Mental Illness – Depression: An Overview
⇒ NIMH – National Institute of Mental Health – What is Depression?
⇒ About Depression – NeuroStar
⇒ Hope for Depression – Research Foundation (Education & Resources)
⇒ Depression Fact Sheet –
⇒ The Stigma of Mental Illness is Making Us Sicker by Dr. Mike Friedman via Psychology Today
Treatment Resistant Depression – A Scholarly Article

Blog Posts Related to Depression and Mental Illness
⇒ Grit by Ruby Browne
⇒ Autumnal Anxiety | Lizzi Rogers
⇒ People Like Me | HastyWords
⇒ My Brain Is On Fire | Nicole Lyons of The Lithium Chronicles
⇒ Do You Isolate During Depression? | Nicole Lyons via Psych Central
⇒ Fighting Against The Stigma of Mental Illness | Sarah Fader via HuffPost Healthy Living
⇒ Depression Creep | Peter Leske
⇒ #BeReal – ABBIE | Abbie of Sidereal Catalyst via HastyWords
⇒ 10 Agonizing Truths Depressed People Never Talk About | Shireen Dadkhah via YourTango

Fight With Us

In honor of May being Mental Health Awareness Month, Sidereal Catalyst is hosting a guest series to spread awareness, promote education, break the silence, and fight stigmas surrounding mental health issues.  Here are the links to those articles:

⇒ Fight With Us | #DCfC by Abbie
⇒ The Things She Says by Lizzi Lewis
⇒ He Is A Killer by HastyWords
⇒ Why I’m Done With the Mental Health Profession by Vince Berryman
⇒ Medicated Madness by Nicole Lyons
⇒ They’re Just Medications by Kimberly Morand
⇒ Days of Pain by Peter Leske
⇒ How To Love by Ra Avis
⇒ I’m Fucked Up and I Own It by Sarah Fader
⇒ Are You More Aware? #DCfC by Abbie

After hosting the ‘Fight With Us series, I decided to continue sharing others’ stories which provide new perspective or edification and put matters concerning mental health into accessible, relatable tales of true life.  The series is simply called #DCfC and the following are links to those stories…

⇒ Drowning From The Inside Out by Anna Rosenblum Palmer


This first video is actually NOT a TED talk but does a good job of explaining the science of depression.

This is a vast over-simplification of what depression is, but I have never seen it explained quite like this so I thought it worth the share. What do YOU think?

If you only watch one of these videos, watch this one. It’s not solely about depression or mental illness, but it is absolutely enlightening regarding the brain.

Interesting explanation of how stress affects our brains and can actually lead to mental health issues.

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Abbie is a published writer and poet who creates with passion and conviction. She doesn’t shy away from the truth and often writes about her personal journey with depression and anxiety. Abbie is a fierce mental health advocate determined to promote awareness and fight stigmas, which inspired her to start this page.  For more about her personal journey start here.  Connect with Abbie on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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