What Can We Do To Stop School Shootings

Every Friday night Austin over at The Return of the Modern Philosopher comes up with a different philosophical question for all to ponder and discuss.  He usually keeps things pretty light, though always thought provoking. However…

This week’s topicThere was another school shooting yesterday, this time in Oregon.  Why does this keep happening?  Why can’t such incidents be stopped?  Are we doing anything to make our schools safer?  Is anyone else sick of feeling like this sort of thing has just become part of the American way of life?  What else is on your mind about this topic?

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SKIP: What Reminds Me

This frightfully wondrous exercise is brought to you by one of my biggest blogging inspirations, and you can check out the deets at SKIP Challenge over on Rarasaur!


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Sacred Space

Writing is sacred to me.

There has to be an energy flow throughout my workspace.  I can’t feel closed in or isolated, it stifles my thoughts.  I need natural light and noise that is also light and natural.  I found it in my kitchen.  The un-utilized breakfast nook became my open studio space… Continue reading

Forgive Yourself

Prompt: Respond to a tweet with the hashtag #quotes

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Perfectly Imbalanced


Looking out blindly seeing nothing clearly

Hear the full texture of silence slip through fingertips

Salty shadows dance in thirsty corners

Balanced in perfect imbalance.

Listing My Likes

1. I like lists.  Lists boast accomplishment, the magnitude of aforementioned triumph is entirely inconsequential, I was productive… and there’s proof! Continue reading

Share Your World 2015 Week #34

Share Your World is a weekly event hosted by Cee’s Photography Blog

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He Saved Me From Myself

The following is a conversation that will never come to fruition with my first psychiatrist. He was the doctor who diagnosed me with major depressive disorder. He was also one of my dad’s best friends since high school, so when I finally broke down and told my parents I needed help, he is the person they called. He remained my doctor even when I moved away for college, and he helped me through things I couldn’t even wrap my mind around. Continue reading