NaBloPoMo 2016

I didn’t think I could do it this year, friends.  I’m still not sure I can.  (What’s she talking about?)  NaBloPoMo or NanoPoblano, writing every day for the month of November, I just have too much going on.  But wait… I have to try, right?! Continue reading

If We Were Meeting For Drinks

If-We-Were-Meeting-For-DrinksIf we were meeting for drinks I’d order a shot of tequila and a Corona, then I’d look at you and say, “Trust me, I’ve earned it.”  After the waiter took both of our orders I would promise I won’t have any more shots because yes, I know liquor doesn’t sit well with my meds.   Continue reading

Shackled and Bound

I’ve lost my voice.  No, I don’t have laryngitis, though that would be easier to remedy than what I’m referring to.  

Shackled-and-Bound Continue reading

8 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be Your Favorite Blogger


Let’s be honest guys, more than likely I am not your favorite blogger and that’s ok.  I know you like me, you show me love and I appreciate it so much.  However, I’ve identified eight reasons why I’ll never be your favorite blogger.  This way we can eradicate that elephant in my little corner of this beautiful world between the wires  😉
I have no hard feelings over it and neither should you!  Let me explain myself…
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From Old To New

Before I get to the good tidings and such there are a few things I want to say first. Continue reading


It’s hard to come home after being away.  Not because I wanted to stay where I was, I just didn’t feel ready to come back.   Continue reading

November Ends

Well, Team Tiny Peppers (and all you NaBloPoMo’s too!)

Victory Is Ours!!!

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#Weekend Coffee Share: No Rest

This post is inspired by Part-Time Monster’s Weekly Weekend Coffee Share

Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee right now, you must be a really good friend because I am one hot mess.  Yeah, the depression is gnawing at me like an emaciated dog on a meaty bone.  I thought if I just got through the week I could breathe this weekend and try to refuel for the coming week, but I guess it’s true there’s no rest for the wicked. Continue reading


Gratitude might be the most valuable quality one can have.

I am grateful for many reasons, but today I’d like to make sure that YOU know how very thankful I am that you’ve chosen to read my words.  I’m humbled that you have opted to share and help carry my pain, even just a little.

I am humbled.  I am grateful.  I am honored.

Thank You

NanoPoblano2015 | NaBloPoMo15
Day 15

Proud Little Pepper

You know what I did today?

A lot of reading!

I paid a visit to every single NaNoPoblano blog on the blogroll.

Yep, you heard me, every last seventy-five of my fellow #TeamTinyPeppers 🙂

And now I’m absolutely exhausted.

You are all brilliant, amazing, soulful, kind, curious, adventurous, lovely bloggers!  I hope to cultivate deeper connections with you as the month goes on, and far beyond!

For now, I leave you with a picture I snapped before work this morning.

NanoPoblano2015 | NaBloPoMo15
Day 3