Fluidity of Friendship

Life moves so fast
People go different directions

Suddenly the present is the past
Memories once vivid
Become blurry and faded

Friendships held dearly
Become old and outdated

Lost in the breeze
Misplaced in the shuffle
Gone with such ease

If I disappeared
Would you notice my absence?
If I wasn’t around
Would your life change in the slightest?

Forever is just a word
Its meaning is fluid

Change is the name of the game
It’s the only thing that stays the same
Will we stand the test of time?
Only time will tell

12 thoughts on “Fluidity of Friendship

  1. I think people come into our lives for reasons and seasons. I remember being young and thinking that whomever my friends were would be my friends forever because we were so intertwined at the time. My older self knows that there are reasons and seasons and that does not diminish the importance or depth of relationships. Some relationships are meant to last longer than others I guess. I hope the one you’re referring to in this piece is all you hope it will be. 🙂


    • I think you’re right about reasons and seasons, though it can be hard to appreciate such things (relationships) for what they are rather than what you hoped they would be. What you’re saying here is actually perfect for a piece I’m publishing next week that expands on this poem 😉 Thank you for sharing your insight, it’s an important thing to remember!

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