My world is in ashes at my feet
In a single heartbeat
Wraps firmly around my neck
Nothing is as it seems
This life, a crumpled up dream
I fight to see the light
But darkness has consumed me
Your love, it reaches out to me
Our hands, they struggle to meet
I want our world back
This disease has ripped us apart
I will never be carefree
Depression has trapped me
Aware of only misery
This is my reality
Struggling to breathe
Always reaching
Looking for a way
Back to you and me

9 thoughts on “Consumed

    • I’m sure you probably assumed (correctly) that I wrote this with my husband in mind. I am glad it resonates with you and yet I am sad that it does, I know you understand what I mean by that. As much as depression affects us, it pains us to know how much it affects our partners – and there’s nothing we can do about that part, really.


  1. This is what struck me the most in your poem, Abbie. ” I will never be carefree.” Unfortunately that is a very truthful statement. I have always been full of worry and it just seemed to increase as I grew older. Therapy has helped quite a bit but I fully understand the meaning in this powerful work.

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