A Moment To Breathe

I have a moment to breathe.  A moment to sit back and think about the whirlwind of activity that is so demanding of my time and attention as of late.  For the first time in months I don’t feel overwhelmed, though I fear this feeling won’t last.  

A tidal wave of emotions has been constantly flooding my every waking moment.  Anxieties at such peaked levels I’m not sure how I maintain breathing half the time.  It is not for naught, there is a goal and an end in sight, though it feels a million light years away.  

I am consumed with the task at hand, seemingly unable to focus on other aspects of my life that are important to me.  I feel disconnected from my true self, and from the people who are meaningful to me.  Time is a concept that is slipping through the cracks of my scattered thoughts, as I am always trying to make sure I’ve completed the necessities to face tomorrow.

I have been in an everlasting state of self-doubt no matter how frequently I prove myself wrong.  I try to explain that anxiety is irrational, though my words seem to fall on deaf ears of those trying to console me.  No matter how well I do, my brain says it’s not good enough.  No matter how prepared I am, my brain convinces me I’ve forgotten something.  I have a level of control in this equation somewhere, but my feet can’t find the ground right now.  What I understand and know logically is not translating emotionally or physically.  

My moment to breathe has lapsed.

8 thoughts on “A Moment To Breathe

  1. There will be more moments to breathe, but sorry this one was so brief. I happen to think you are more than good enough even though I know that part of your brain that whispers the opposite will resist being convinced.

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  2. I feel in time those moments won’t be so elusive, Abbie. Life has a way of intruding when we least expect it. It would be nice if we could just make everything stop moving so that we can catch our breath. Sending good wishes……

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  3. I trust you will continue to manage through the moments with the focus you need. Putting aside other aspects of life does feel frustrating at this time, but be reassured that you are managing what matters. I am so proud of your progress. Sending hugs and love.

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    • Maintaining focus has been my biggest struggle as of late. I feel so fatigued and just want some time to rest. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement, sending love and hugs right back atcha!

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