Thankful It’s OVER | TToT #17

Let me start by saying I am most grateful that this week is OVER.  It has been a whirlwind of emotions and activity, most of which was overstimulating and overwhelming.  BUT, it ended in the most wondrous way and for that I am also very thankful.

On Monday I *thought* I was registered for a course I am due to begin this upcoming Wednesday and was waiting for further instruction from my vocational rehabilitation case manager, only to call the school and find out I was not registered.  There was ONE spot left in the class.  I rushed over to register myself which led to a flurry of other activities associated with registering but thanks to paperwork and needing certain signatures I had to wait, wait, wait.  

Wednesday was a BIG SCARY day as I had to fight ‘The Man’ in an unemployment hearing regarding benefits I am no longer receiving – if that makes sense to you then you’re a step ahead of me.  It was a telephone hearing for which I was as prepared as IThankful-Its-Over-TToT-17 could possibly be seeing as I had no idea how these things work, who all would be on the phone, or what kind of questions they would ask me.  The hearing wasn’t until 4 PM and by that time I thought I might pass out from the level of anxiety I had reached.  The proceedings were far more intense than I had imagined so I’m glad I didn’t know THAT in advance or I might’ve been even worse for wear than I already was!  My former employer claimed that I did not call or show up to work for five days and they were forced to replace me when, in fact, they were informed the day before I did not come in and then provided a doctor’s note stating I would not be returning for a week.  They lied about both notifications, bold-faced and under oath LIED.  After stating that I had the text thread (date and time stamped) showing they were informed the day prior to my not coming in, she admitted receiving it.  Still tried lying about receiving the doctor’s note, but I was allowed to call my husband as a witness (under oath) who declared he handed my supervisor the note directly and she thanked him for it.  SO, I *think* I proved my case.  Not sure when I will get the final determination but oh so thankful it’s over with!!!

Thursday I met with my case manager and signed the final case plan so that I can attend the course starting next week.  Without going into too much detail (we’d be here all day), Vocational Rehabilitation is a state program who helps people with disabilities find or maintain employment – which includes the necessary education to be successful in said employment.  By their standards, I am disabled due to my mental illnesses and therefore qualify for their services.  This is something I am eternally grateful for as I have struggled in maintaining steady employment my entire adult life.  I decided I want to get my certification as a medical assistant and Vocational Rehabilitation is paying for me to go through the training course.  Once I pass the course and the national exam to become certified, Voc Rehab will help me find a job as a certified medical assistant!  Not only that, but wherever I am placed my employer will be aware of my disability and it can’t be used against me if I have a mental health crisis on the job.  In the past I have always had to hide my mental health issues from employers because of the stigma associated.  I am really looking forward to working in an environment where I don’t have to hide who I am.  That’s not to say I’ll go around advertising my situation, but I also might be able to reach out when I start feeling unwell rather than isolating myself and making it worse.

On Friday, with signatures having been signed and paperwork sent to the proper places I was able to finish the registration process for my MA course.  I’m set to get my uniforms on Monday and my fingerprints taken for the background check on Tuesday, and then classes start Wednesday!

But the BEST part about Friday was an impromptu transatlantic dance party that occurred thanks to this wonderful thing we call the internet!!!  Lizzi described it best in her thankfuls post this week, “We’re in our stockinged feet with glasses of booze, half-cut already, and we’re dancing and dancing up a storm, spinning around until we’re dizzy, waving arms and stamping feet to the beat (so far, Erasure, an amazing Beatles/Queen mash-up, and Stevie Wonder). We’re collapsing with laughter and gasping for breath as we boogie away all our ‘we-missed-out-on-BlogHer-and-aren’t-envious-no-really-we’re-not’ blues. We’re having so much fun, everyone in LA is envious of US. So there.”  No really, I couldn’t have said it better if I’d sat here for hours playing with the words – she’s the best when it comes to descriptive language!

And here we are… It’s Saturday afternoon, I am really truly thankful this week is behind me, and while I am nervous to start classes next week I am also excited to embark on this new adventure!

Have you ever gone through an unemployment hearing? If so, how did yours go? Have you ever had a transatlantic dance party?! What’s your favorite song for rocking out? What are you thankful for this week?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!!


24 thoughts on “Thankful It’s OVER | TToT #17

  1. Abbie, if you didn’t win that hearing, then I don’t know how to do it. What a mad system! Congrats on the MA certification progress and, Yes, when Voc Rehab works, it is awesome. I do wish I had tuned into the dance party earlier and with split screen video. Lizzi is such a great friend.

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      • A lot of people don’t understand how unemployment insurance works. The employer pays a premium, and that amount is partly dependent on the claims against them. So, they tend to fight any claim on which they (or, their lawyers) think they might have a chance, however slim. It sucks, but that is the way the thing is set up. Lizzi is way, way more fun than that.

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  2. Your former employer sounds like a jerk to the highest degree! I was once told by HR that because my job was going to be cut that I could quit right then and qualify for unemployment. Went through a phone interview with unemployment (with a guy that made me feel like, an idiot) and was told there was no reason I should have even bothered with the application because I did not deserve unemployment. This after being in the job for over seven years. Sounds like your battle with The Man is going to be much more productive! And good luck with your training, sounds perfect!

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  3. My brother and I know a lot about what it’s like to have a disability and struggle with even coming close to finding work. The unemployment rate for those with visual impairment is horribly high. We hope to change that in our own way, but it is just such a complex issue, with many complicated layers. Can be very frustrating. I am glad you can start your course, but anxiety can make it just so hard to even know where and how to start.

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  4. What a stressful week this has been for you! How joyful it must have felt to just cut up and dance at the end of it all. 🙂 I’m happy for you! 🙂

    Here’s to new paths to journey on – you can do it!

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  5. Good luck with the outcome of the hearing. And have fun at school….really great program voc rehab. I read Lizzi description of the dance party in her entry and came directly here to view your take!

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  6. (Warning! Excessive hypo-maturity evidenced in the following Comment. It surely does not represent anything approaching an adult response to interpersonal conflict. That being said, and allowing for the fact that (your) hearing did not take place in person, the imaginary response described in this comment and vid clip would have been way way cooler!)

    …way to kick ass with the liars and the sleezy denizens of the bureau-world! (I understand that the anxiety preceded and muted any sense of triumph at the moment, (as I would also have experienced it), however, you would have been within your rights1 to stand ‘2001- (the-movie) scene with the proto-human discovering weapons made from femurs. here, lets see if the clip works, it says it way better!
    ( vid clip: )
    good TToT!
    glad to hear whenever better things happen to good people.

    1) the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) Chapter 93 Jurisprudence (Civil and clearly not-so-civil) Applications: “…even if you’re not going to stoop the levels of the others who are clearly more willing to lie and take the low road, it’s permissible to watch the above video clip and laugh.

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  7. Our dance party was AWESOME and I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to make it happen IN REAL! But we’ll do the virtual one again SOON!

    Ohhhhh it was lovely! *happysighs*

    As to your hearing – I know you said you got lied about but OMG! I’m so glad you were able to absolutely disprove her and thank GOODNESS you kept the texts and had Z on hand! GOOD FUCKIN GRIEF, MAN! If you don’t win I officially give up on everything!

    HOORAY for your course and your support and everything being managed better so you don’t have to struggle alone. I really really SO hope it works out well for you, my sweet.

    HUGE love to you and HERE’S TO OUR PARTY! ❤ ❤ ❤

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    • I completely agree with you but unfortunately I think an “oh-well” and a “you don’t have to pay back your benefits” is all I will get from winning this hearing… However, I’ll take that for now as I’ve also filed a case for discrimination against the company 😊


  8. I hope everything turns out with the hearing. Bureaucratic red tape (compounded by the lying!) is so frustrating! I’m currently commenting as I wait on hold (for over 45 minutes, now!) with a doctor’s office because “Your call is very important to us. Please wait for the next available agent.”

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  9. Well, that was some week you had! Last summer, I was wondering why I hadn’t gotten an email about my daughter’s ACT testing that was to occur in a few days. Looked into it deeper and found she wasn’t signed up at all. AND the ACT people have no mercy, even though I DID sign her up and they could tell that I had made changes on her profile, but there was some snafu and it didn’t happen. UGH. Glad you got enrolled. Do you get to wear scrubs? Because I think that would be the ideal job, where you wear scrubs every day and don’t have to put much thought into what you wear.

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