Love Must Be Our Fate


I can’t wrap my mind around the horrors our world has seen as of late.  

I don’t understand the massive injustices caused by unnecessary hate.

People are dying everywhere you look, a new tragedy nearly every day.

Nobody seems to have any answers and I wonder if ‘peace’ has become just another cliché.

There are angry people in the streets demanding to be heard,

While egotistical politicians spouting hypocrisy have reached the ultimate level of absurd.

Humanity is crying out with blood and tears flooding our screens, our sidewalks, and our streets.

I wish I knew how to ease the hurt and deter the discord that only causes us all defeat.

We are all human beings, we all live and die by the pumping of blood and beating of hearts,

Why is it so hard to see that we have more in common than we do apart? Maybe this is how we start?

Such a simple concept, perhaps too much so to restore value – wishful thinking, I suppose.

I wonder how much more we can take and what that breaking point will bring in its wake.

I worry how much more blood will be shed, lives will be lost, and at the end will we be united or more divided?

Let us do simple things, small things in our daily lives to create a patchwork of oases.Love-Must-Be-Our-Fate

Let us spread a message of love, for maybe our voices will resound through the chaos.

Let us be thankful for all that we have and all that we’ve lost,

For the knowing of one lends to the gratitude of the other.

I can’t wrap my mind around the horrors our world has seen as of late,

But I know hate begets hate and that’s not the way.

Love is the answer – love must be our fate.


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