8 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be Your Favorite Blogger


Let’s be honest guys, more than likely I am not your favorite blogger and that’s ok.  I know you like me, you show me love and I appreciate it so much.  However, I’ve identified eight reasons why I’ll never be your favorite blogger.  This way we can eradicate that elephant in my little corner of this beautiful world between the wires  😉
I have no hard feelings over it and neither should you!  Let me explain myself…

I am NOT a social media butterfly.  I know it has become necessary in our oh-so constantly plugged in world, but I’m just not a huge fan.  Mainly, I hate Twitter.  I especially hate Twitter when I know I have a multitude of notifications that need following up on.  Isn’t that horrible?!  Don’t get me wrong, I am honored and flattered by every mention and retweet bestowed upon me, but you may have noticed I’m a little slow on the uptake.  Mostly I forget to check in and so they pile up, then I have a lot of people to thank and I feel like a simple ‘Hey, thanks for the RT *insert appropriate emoticon*’ is just not sufficient over and over again.  Also, because I forget to check in, I don’t reciprocate as I should.  Basically, I suck at Twitter.  While I can be quite humorous in person or in conversation, it does not come across well in my writing – especially in 140 characters or less.  I gave up trying to be witty on Twitter quite some time ago, because even when I thought I was funny, nobody else seemed to.  So there’s that.  

As far as Facebook goes, I’ve had some very negative experiences being open and honest about my feelings.  I see other people post raw and personal things about their lives and struggles on the site and receive an outpouring of love and support in response.  When I have posted similar things I have had people ask if I have taken my meds, or more often, I get no response at all.  I have even been told I should not ‘rant’ about my problems, that nobody wants to hear it and I should keep it to myself.  So, I’ve conditioned myself to stay mostly silent, especially if my mental health is faltering.  I’ve been working on this lately, thanks to HastyWords and her #BeReal campaign, and if I do post something of a sensitive nature I usually tag it #BeRealFB as a kind of warning.   

8-Reasons-Why-Ill-Never-Be-Your-Favorite-BloggerI forget about Pinterest.  I even forget to pin my own blog posts (feel free to pin them for me if you feel so inclined *wink, wink*)!  I don’t understand Google+, not even sure why I have an account.  I really don’t understand LinkedIn or why I’m on that network either.  

Here’s the good news – I really like Instagram!  I take pleasure in photography, despite being far from a professional.  And I enjoy seeing your photos as well, so we should definitely connect there if we haven’t already!!

I rarely, if ever, write about pop culture.  Religion, politics, celebrities, product reviews, whatever happens to be trending in the news… not interested.  Wait, let me be clear, I’m not interested in writing about those topics, I like reading your posts on some of those topics.  It seems like many people are fanatical about religion and politics, and while a good debate can be stimulating, people can get very defensive and nasty about it too.  That’s not my style.  

I have zero interest in celebrities’ personal lives, they get too much attention as it is, in my opinion.  I don’t make money from my blog so I have no reason to write product reviews.  As far as trending news, things happen so fast and by the time I could come up with an intelligent response, something new is trending.  Either that or I don’t feel I’m qualified to speak on the topic.

I’m not a humor writer.  I’m just not funny enough. Wait…no…I’m not!  STOP LAUGHING AT ME!  Oh, it’s just so true.  I love a good laugh, I mean, who doesn’t?  Comic relief is a great way to reduce stress, but don’t look at me to find it!!  

I am not good at posting on a regular schedule.  I have flashes of inspiration and ideas, most of which do not result in hitting the ‘publish’ button.  I am in awe of the writers who publish quality content on a regular basis and wish the words came to me in such a way.  Alas, I am who I am and it doesn’t work that way for me.  When I started Sidereal Catalyst I vowed to write as often as inspiration allowed, and to that I will remain true.  

I often (mostly) write about my journey through depression and anxiety.  These topics make many people uncomfortable and can be very hard to relate with.  Writing about it helps me heal, and I hope it gives a voice to others experiencing similar issues.  Yet in doing so, I realize I alienate a large portion of readers.  To those who value my words, and walk with me in my journey, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I have found a community full of love and support that has been truly incredible and humbling.

I am not a mommy-blogger.  It seems like SO MANY great bloggers write about their experiences as parents.  It’s a beautiful thing and there is a reason they are so popular – parents can always use the support, advice, and ideas from other parents on how to deal with parenthood.  I am quite sure if I were a parent I too would write about that journey, but I’m not.  

I don’t participate in blog awards when nominated.  I wish I had pithy reasoning behind this, but in all honesty, I don’t.  Since the conception of Sidereal Catalyst I’ve been nominated for two awards and it is an honor each time.  Perhaps I don’t feel worthy?  Or maybe I’m not sure how I feel about nominating other bloggers, as that is part of the process.  Either way, I don’t display the award badges nor do I write the corresponding posts.  

I rarely participate in blog hops.  When I do participate, it’s usually not on a regular basis.  There is a multitude of awesome weekly hops available to join in on, and yet I don’t.  Just as with the blog awards, I don’t have a single damn good reason not to.  Sure, I could tell you I don’t have time but that wouldn’t be entirely true.  There are days and weeks when I don’t have time, but generally, I do have time – I’m just terrible with time management.  I am quite talented at wasting exorbitant amounts of time and I couldn’t even tell you what occupies said time.  It’s amazing I get anything done, really.  

So… With all of that said, you can see that I understand why I’ll never be your favorite blogger.  I realize my limitations and take full ownership of them.  I appreciate those of you who embrace me despite these things.  You are my people, my tribe, my very own community in this world between the wires.  Thank you for being part of my journey, loves  ❤  I will continue to give you my best, as often as inspiration allows.

Are you a social media butterfly? Do you have limitations as a writer and/or blogger? Do you post on a regular schedule?  

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!                           

37 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why I’ll Never Be Your Favorite Blogger

  1. I love it! You are one of my favorite bloggers, so THERE. ;-D I ESPECIALLY appreciate that you share your battle with depression and anxiety.

    Btw, I have a Pinterest account that I’d like to show up on the side of my blog. Any suggestions?

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    • You are so kind, my dear friend 🙂 I am beyond honored to be one of your favorite bloggers!!!
      I have not yet figured out how to add Pinterest to my sidebar, but if/when I do I will be sure and let you know!!

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  2. I’m right there with you. I once published a poem, I’m Not That Blogger, saying a lot of the same things. I know that one of the easiest ways to be a more popular blogger is to respond to comments, and then when people see you responding they are more likely to leave comments, but I just can’t. I go through periods where I really try, but lately I’m in the, sorry, I’m just not that blogger mode… I figure I’ve already said what I wanted to say in the article, and though I definitely love reading others’ comments, I just can’t bring myself to answer them.

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  3. “Have you taken your meds?” oh… that one. Don’t rant about your personal heath when a multitude of people do. I just said the other day… how would we react if this person had cancer or if his/her “brain disorder” was due to any other issue besides a “mental diagnosis”. Maybe one day it will change – I applaud your blog. I’m a big fan.. and I just started. I’m not a blogger.. iffy on social media. But I’ll always appreciate good writing. ❤

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  4. OMG, do I even have a favorite blogger? Well, if pressed, that would be hard to answer. I hear you on several fronts. I don’t do Twitter or Pinterest. Blog Hops? I barely even understand what they are. Post on a regular schedule? Say what? The truth is I have come to the point with FB that I never get to everything new on my feed before brain burn and scrolling fatigue set in. I do try never to miss your stuff, so that lands you in the favorites list, where you are in most excellent company.

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  5. Reblogged this on Her Headache and commented:
    I relate to several of these. I’m not a mother. I am bad at social media. I like the connections in the blogging world, but I’m first and foremost a writer. I admire this blogger though, for writing about the hard things, the uncomfortable parts of life that most would prefer not to think about.

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  6. I have never visited your blog before but I am pleased that I have! I share many of your sentiments. I am okay with Twitter, fine with my own personal Facebook (that isn’t linked to my blog) and completely clueless and mainly uninterested in any other social media platforms. I am not a parent, nor do I participate in awards or blog hops. For no particular reason, it’s just not my thing. Your post got me thinking – do I even have a favourite blogger? Anyway. I shall be popping back to see you 🙂

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  7. Oh, I hate Twitter too. I don’t get it and hardly ever go on it. I don’t do Pinterest or Instagram either, but am curious about them. I don’t blog on a regular basis either — sometimes it’s 3 posts a week, sometimes one in 10 days. We do what we can. I enjoy your blog already, by the way.

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  8. With my severe anxiety I have no social media accounts….at all. It’s just a realm in which I prefer to excommunicated from without force. And I DO find humor in your writing, not because you are trying to get giggles but because reading you feels like reading myself, and some times I just can’t help but laugh at the been there or am there moments. I don’t a favorite blogger because I love so many, all for very heartfelt and different reasons. I love your blog because you’re not trying to earn a living blowing smoke up my ass. I love your words because they are honest, at times raw, and always ALWAYS based on who you are not who you primp yourself to be. There’s something beautiful and lasting about that.
    Your blog is something I strive for my blog to be, and yet I often hold back the worst of myself, even the best of myself, afraid to let others down, or just letting others in…it becomes overwhelming.
    You just keep doing you. That’s why we are all here Hun.💜💜💜

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    • I hear you, though I don’t see anything wrong with that. I think having a theme can be overrated, in fact, having a theme can be a limitation in itself. Keep being exactly who you are and write whatever you feel like writing!!

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  9. *deadpans* Thank fuck, I don’t have to pretend to like your blog any more! 😉

    I relate to more of this (now) than I’m keen to admit, but I think in terms of you doing exactly what you want to with your blog, writing as you please, and combatting stigma, those are things I immensely admire about you, and it makes a difference to the people who read about your world and connect.

    As to favourites…I get in trouble when I go there. I have different categories of favourites, and all I can say, is I do NOT have another BlogSister in all the world, nor would I change you ❤

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  10. Ugh…social media…the bane of modern life..I hate it I hate it! I think you’re great with your blogging. At least it’s honest. I often feel I have to keep up this “oh I’m so happy” crap on my blog, but let me tell you there are SOOO many frustrations that I don’t share because the blog gods told us we’re not supposed to be negative in our posts or we’ll drive away people. Clearly your honesty has earned you a strong place in the blogging community! Good job, girl!!!

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    • Hahaha, I’m so glad you agree with my social media sentiments!!
      Obviously you remember Contortum Designs, you were there when it started 🙂 Well, I felt like that was a ‘happy’ blog and when I had my last depressive episode it just didn’t feel like the right space to express myself, ya know? Hence, the conception of Sidereal Catalyst. If I couldn’t be honest here, if I couldn’t share the darkness then there would be no point for me here.
      I can’t express how much it means to me that you are still around, still reading and saying ‘good job’ knowing where I started and where I am today… Thank you ❤

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    • Well thank YOU for coming by my little corner here, Lisa 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your work! Congratulations (again) on winning that writing competition!!


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