With A Little Help From My Friends | TToT #11

I feel so fortunate as I sit here and tap these keys today.  I am surrounded by loving and supportive people, whether they are near or far in physical distance, I am constantly reminded of their presence.


Home can mean different things at different times.  It can be where you live, or where you grew up.  It can be a place you left your heart, or wherever you go with the one you love.  If you travel often, home can be wherever you rest your head at night, no matter the city you find yourself.

 I’ve had three places I’ve called home; I was born and raised in Iowa, I went to college and fell in love with California, and then I fell in love with a man and made my home base in Florida.  As much as I get used to certain surroundings, I do feel like home lies within the people I love when I am with them.  I’ve had the opportunity in the past few days to reunite with two old friends whom I love dearly and in their presence I am absolutely home.  It has been a gloriously happy feeling with a tinge of sadness, as I know our reunion will come to an end and I have never been one who handles endings well.  However, it is not yet time to think of that part so I am still drunk on the nectar of reconnecting.  

The past few months have been busy and somewhat stressful, while also productive and rewarding.  Many moments of doubt, of wondering if I could manage and pull everything together, my anxiety has been higher than I can remember it ever being before.  I am proud of myself for getting to this day.  I am also eternally grateful to the many people who helped make that possible, for I could not have done it alone.  My husband is always at the top of that list, he is my number one supporter and generally deals with the worst of my bad days.

I am grateful to all of my guest writers who took part in the Fight With Us #DCfC mental health awareness series I hosted last month.  I won’t do an entire recap here because I did that a few days ago in my post, Are You More Aware? #DCfC but a few shout-outs are in order.    

Lizzi is my blog sister and we share a very special friendship that warms and fills my heart.  She is always there to listen when I am anxious or depressed, never annoyed by my rants – though I’m not sure how that’s possible!  The way she is committed to spreading *twinklysparklygoodness* to everyone she comes in contact with is inspiring and just one of the many reasons I love her so much.  I also must mention the incredible piece she wrote for my mental health awareness series last month, if you haven’t read it you should do that right meow!

Hasty also took part in the Fight With Us #DCfC mental health series, for which I am so very thankful to her.  Hasty gives many people a voice on her blog to discuss what it is to #BeReal and I know how important having that outlet can be.  She has also been my friend on a personal level and for that, I am thankful as well.  

Thanks also to Vince, Nicole, Kimberly, PeterRa, and Sarah for their wonderful contributions to the series.  I have a ton of respect and love for all of these talented writers.  Throughout the month, the series garnered 1,200 views, brought in 693 new visitors, over 240 ‘likes’, and over 230 comments!!  That is the most attention my little blog has EVER received!  To say I am honored and humbled would be an understatement.

To my readers… None of this would be possible without YOU.  If you think I’m not aware of that you are mistaken.  You are kind and supportive souls who own a special place in my heart.  A very special thanks to you all  ❤

What are you thankful for? Do you have supportive people in your life? What does ‘home’ mean to you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!





20 thoughts on “With A Little Help From My Friends | TToT #11

    • I know exactly how you feel about keeping up with what you want to read!! I’ve been terrible at that recently 😕 Thank you for being here at all m’dear! It’s good to be back 💚

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  1. Home is an interesting topic. I am working on an essay for a website I love and would be honoured to be published on. It is all about home, as it will be ten years this September that I bought this house with my sister. It has meant many things to me in the last ten years.
    Loved the series you did last month. Definitely something that was and is well needed. So much stigma and fear and misunderstanding. I get that, even talking about another disability, but same results. Stigma must be eradicated.
    Glad you have come through these last weeks and had so much support and that you are back here. I always enjoy hearing your take on things to be thankful for, when you are able. There’s never any pressure, from my end.
    Hope you have an excellent week.

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    • I look forward to reading your piece about home!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the series, that means the world to me ☺️ The lack of pressure in the TToT is one of the best things about it, I struggle with guilt as it is. Much love to you darling!

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  2. Gigantic congratulations and I’m bummed that I missed deadlines for writing for it. I’ve been planning on it forever (well since you started it) and well, between life and emergency dental issues (GROSS) this week… and that’s not even an excuse. I suck at writing for other people and am so proud of your series!!! Also to home… I am from Colorado and live in DCish. and Colorado will always be my home and yet… because my son’s home is here, I’ve begun to realize it’s not so much the place, or am trying to anyway.

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    • It’s not too late if you still want to write something for #DCfC I’m going to continue publishing stories as they are submitted to me!! I hope you will consider writing for the cause when you have time 😊
      I understand about home for you, life takes us in many different directions and it sounds like you made a good choice for your son.
      Have a wonderful week, Kristi!!


  3. Home for me is where ever I can make my kids laugh, kiss my husband and be thankful I have another day to FEEL. Whether bad or good, if I’m feeling I’m living-which is something I didn’t want not so long ago. And that is also what I’m thankful for. I’m here. I’m breathing.
    I really enjoy your posts btw. 💜 just in case you were wondering lol

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  4. congrats on the series… how cool is it to have something you care so deeply about to not only be reflected in the writing of others, but to give something to total strangers out there in the inter world.
    home great concept/topic. paradox anyone? (meaning, I suspect that I have a high-level drive to seek and find ‘home’ and, at the same time my worldview nurtures a belief that, being an Outsider (clarks) there can be no such place (at least, none with other people there (which, in most cases is necessary to qualify as ‘home’), funny thing these personal realities, non?)
    good postifying

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  5. Home is where I can be “me”, in whatever weird, introverted, quirky form that may take in the moment. The support I get from friends, especially those I have met online, is what helps me get through some days more than others, when I need it the most.

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    • I definitely agree with your perspective on home, Holly! It’s important to be able to feel completely comfortable at home, to be able to be introverted and quirky as you put it. My online friends are HUGE supports to me as well 🙂


  6. Your series was so damn important. ❤ I'm so glad it found me 😉 I needed it a lot and will forward it to others. It has many people to reach. It takes a brave person to really share all of themselves and you are doing that every day. Wishing you peace, love and HOPE.

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