Days of Pain | Peter Leske #DCfC

Peter Leske is my guest today & he’s changing things up a little for us.  He expresses his struggle with depression and anxiety through poetry.



Peter is a creative spirit. A designer, writer, poet, and sometimes musician. He loves to build with his hands and spends spare time looking after two house rabbits. He thrives on connection and sharing his energy with others.

Connect with Peter on his blog 42 Days Younger Than Kylie

Each piece in this series will be linked on my page Depression: Catalyst for Change and the hashtag #DCfC will be used when sharing on any/all social media.  We will also use the hashtags #MHA #breakthesilence and #hope.  Please help us advocate for better understanding of mental illness and those affected.   Share the pieces in this series on every platform you have at your disposal. Splash them across the internet. Spread the word. Join your voice with ours as we combat the stigmas surrounding these issues – together, we can make change happen.Fight With Us

13 thoughts on “Days of Pain | Peter Leske #DCfC

  1. Blessings and light to both of you.

    I honor your journey, and I thank you for sharing as honestly and bravely as you do.

    This is beautiful and wrenching, Pete.

    Much love,

    Allison ❤️

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  2. Thank you, Peter, for this true telling. And, whatever that friend’s words were that have attached themselves to your brain, I’ll second the motion because they have helped you get this far.

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  3. Thank you for sharing
    your poetry
    your pain
    your day to day struggle
    I know it helps for others
    to read
    to see
    they aren’t alone in pain
    Together we are all stronger
    in hope
    in belief
    that we will make it through

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  4. Ahhhhhhhh Peter, I SO get this – the pain of those platitudes and the weight of all those ‘shoulds and ‘if only’s… *sigh*

    I am so glad you have good friends to help you through 🙂

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  5. Beautifully written. I understand where you are coming from. I pray the people in your life are better understanding of you and your situation too.


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