Breaking The Rules | TToT #9

Breaking The Rules

I’m breaking all of the ‘traditional’ rules today, my fellow TToT friends, and invoking the Secret Book of Rules (aka the Book of Secret Rules).  I don’t know which number this rule is that I am invoking but that is beyond the point.  I am not going to post ten thankfuls today *gasp* the horror, I know, even though I could easily come up with ten.  Some weeks there are certain things that I am so thankful for they are worth far more than twenty different thankfuls would be combined.  This is one of those weeks.  So enough dilly-dallying around, let us get to the good stuff!

A few simple, yet nevertheless very important thankfuls I must mention to start things off.

Breaking The Rules

My madness (craziness/depression, call it what you will) is on a planet all its own.  Yet somehow my husband found my planet and can breathe there when nobody else ever bothered to try.  There is nothing in this world that we won’t conquer together ❤

Breaking The Rules

Beautiful, sunshiny days whence pictures are taken that I kinda like of myself 🙂

Breaking The Rules

Raspberry lemon iced tea on this rainy Saturday morning!

Ok, folks, now onto the thankful that is worth a billion thankfuls this week.  I had the scare of a lifetime this past week and I could not be more thankful that it was just a scare.  It may seem rude of me not to go into detail but there are privacy issues at stake, so please forgive the lack of information.  What it comes down to is, I feared for one of my closest friends lives and could not reach him.  He lives as far from Florida as humanly possible while still being within the United States, so there was very little I could do aside from waiting.  I am not much for patience as it is and this situation had me close to a full-blown panic attack, it was not pretty.  However, the only thing that matters is that my friend is ok and it was just a scare.

Breaking The Rules

If you’re reading this, Kev, I love you.  We will get through this like we have gotten through everything – together, always ❤

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XO Abbie

21 thoughts on “Breaking The Rules | TToT #9

  1. Excellent use of the BoSR/SBoR.
    The sign of a good group activity, (such as the TToT ‘hop), is that it recognizes the value of good intent on the part of those that go to the effort to participate. And, in support of that, we have the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) and (the TToT’s) sanctioning of the use of hypo-gratitudinal Items and, of course, we have the Seven Guard Virgins (just in case you need someone to back your play and there ain’t no time to reach one of the other members of the ‘hop).
    Best on the friend, it’s always a good thing to come through a fear situation to find that the worst (in whatever form it may manifest) did not come to be.

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  2. It is a terrifying thing to be so far from someone you love, unable to reach them and uncertain if they need you to be there right at that moment. So glad it was just a scare.

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  3. That ice tea sounds delicious.
    Glad the scare amounted to nothing. I can relate.
    Hope you are having a nice weekend. It’s finally warming up over here. Hoping to write a TToT list of my own, but my computer decided to begin the process of destruction yesterday and so I must keep it brief. I’m writing this reply on my phone, but a blog post on my phone really isn’t really doable.

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    • Oh no! Not the destruction of your computer!!!! I hope you get that sorted out straight away! I’m glad to hear your weather has improved 😊 oh the joys of spring! Happy weekend love!

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  4. breaking the rules is sometimes always necessary, wonderful list; a loving husband, raspberry tea, sunshiney days and a close call.
    I know too well about those moments of waiting- waiting for the phone to ring, waiting for the shoe to drop…and in between panic, and worry – I don’t have the answers because I too am way too sensitive and impatient – however if there is one thing that has come to the surface, is that your friendship with your far away friend is solid, no matter the miles, distance and time away…

    exhale and focus on that.

    hope that helped.


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  5. Secret book of rules – *big huge eye roll*

    Be you.
    Be you because you do it so beautifully well and poetically.
    Being thankful doesn’t need conformity — a list.
    Go outside it. I never write the list. I don’t even understand the whole thing which is why I feel incredibly uncomfortable in this “click” they’ve created. But I link up because it forces me to keep searching for the good in the muck.
    Anyways, your husband is a charm and I’m so glad that he weathers your storms and slays your dragons and dances in victories with you. That’s a keeper.
    Be you.

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    • Here’s the big secret, nobody ‘gets’ the whole thing which is what makes it fun! Haha, I’m not *actually* concerned about breaking any rules 😉 I just go along with the silliness! You are so kind and I am thrilled that you and I have connected, thanks to this here blog hop I believe ❤


  6. Soooooooo with the SBoR, you choose your own rule (make it up as you go) and also dance for the seven guard virgins, in order that they let you get hold of the rule book in the first place, to pick the one which you deem best fits your particular need for the week.

    THAT SAID, your two man-related thankfuls are worth all the Ten and more, so…yeah! SO glad, on both counts.

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