Silently Screaming

Yearning to speak, EXPLODING INSIDE, s i l e n t l y  s c r e a m i n g…

Silently Screaming

Silently Screaming Yearning to speak exploding inside  silently screaming clawing, fighting, unable to get out NUMB, going through the motions as a robot would feeling inconsequential I don’t understand this state I am in – torturous – when all I want is to reach out and hold your hands with my words Frustration paramount to my lips being sewn shut with needle and thread, vocal cords removed with unskilled hands and a butter knife Whole body paralyzed yet eyes seeing, tears streaming Trapped Silently Screaming.



15 thoughts on “Silently Screaming

  1. There’s an old scifi tale I never read but often quote the title of as if a joke. It fits here though. “I must scream but I have no mouth.” From the reviews I’ve read your feelings don’t match the tale. But sometimes it’s enough to know a similar thought has existed before.


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  2. Truth is in the ear of the listener. I found you on a comment in the Sonder file and came to see your words. You have an interesting blog I hope to read some more. I have difficulty shutting up unlike the post here. You write with power and passion don’t let it slip it will pull you back.
    The power of words is a mighty thing. 😇😇 Come visit my place with it’s diverse scribblings and hidden in the cracks are pieces of me.

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