TToT #5

I write my TToT today with a heavy heart, my friends.  I fear we are down to days, if not hours, until the passing of Gram.  As of now, she is being kept as comfortable as possible thanks to in-home palliative care.  You will have to forgive me if my post this week is a bit short and to the point as my mind is, understandably, elsewhere.

Sunday  I wrote last week’s post on Friday, therefore, last Sunday definitely counts towards this week’s list, right?  Right.  I finished writing a guest post that I had been struggling to write since December!  I fought with it, I cried over it, I wrote and deleted and re-wrote it, I begged advice from every writer I know (poor Lizzi bearing the brunt of my ‘I can’t do this’ frenzy and being the MOST helpful of anyone I tormented).  The piece is done and I am beyond pleased with how it turned out.  After all of that anguish, I found out the person who asked me to write the post wants to push the release back to an undetermined date.  Nonetheless, I am thankful for having completed the piece, for actually loving the outcome, and for Lizzi’s patient kindness in helping me.

Monday  Sitting on the couch Monday evening watching Netflix with my husband and my phone buzzed, I had a text from my boss.  “Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the great job you are doing.  It means so much to me that I can really trust and rely on you.”  A choir suddenly erupted in between my ears, belting out ‘halleluiah’ in beautiful harmony!  It feels so good to know you are appreciated, especially when you’ve worked hard for it.

I couldn’t come up with anything on Tuesday.



Thursday: Haircut!


Friday  The office two doors down from mine is being painted but the fumes are so intense it’s as though it is our office being painted.  I sit facing the front door about ten feet away from it and we had it propped wide open all day.  By late afternoon I had a headache, I felt nauseous, and I was unsteady on my feet.  I finished my weekly blog post for the company and my boss said she is going to submit this week’s to be published in a local newspaper as well as a local magazine!  It was four o’clock at this point and she knew I wasn’t feeling well so she sent me home an hour early.  Even though I won’t get paid for that hour, I’m thankful she let me go home.  I’m also thankful she thinks my writing is good enough to be published and represent the company.

Friday night I got to join the infamous vidchat and it was the most fun I’ve had in ages!  I’m not sure what that says about me, but what a great group of folks 🙂 Thanks for including me!

Saturday  Grateful for every moment spent with Gram.  Grateful for incredible hospice nurses and medications that keep Gram comfortable and pain-free until her transition.
TToT #10Thankful

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20 thoughts on “TToT #5

  1. Oh, Abbie, I’m so sad to hear of your Gram’s situation. I wish for a peaceful passing for all of you.
    It was good to meet you at vidchat on Friday, however brief and disruptive my part was! I love vidchat but the timing this week was complicated for me. Hope to see you all there again soon.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother and hope for a peaceful passing. How nice to get such a text from your boss! My boss is not good about handing out compliments.

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  3. I’ll be keeping your family in my prayers through this difficult time.
    What a wonderful boss you have. And congrats on getting the writing done.
    Glad you were able to join in the vidchat. I’ve only done it once, but not for lack of enjoyment. There’s just too much going on Friday nights at my house.

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  4. I’m so very sorry to hear. I know what it’s like to face losing a grandparent.
    Congrats on finishing your guest post though, on work praise, and on getting something work related published elsewhere.
    Nice meeting you the other night, even if I was not visible, I was there and hope I was heard at least some. Hope to see you there again in future.

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  5. praise (from employers and others) is good, family members reaching the end point is … sad, from my own experience, sometimes the more difficult role goes to those left behind.
    The vidchat is a good thing. It’s a fairly varied experience and surely is one of the best developments of the internet… making the virtual world more visual

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  6. Sorry about your grandmother, and hope for peace for her and your family.
    Like Christine, I’ve only joined the vidchat once, but I did enjoy it. Maybe sometime I’ll be there again and get to meet you!

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  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your Gram, and I hope that her passing is a gentle one surrounded with love.
    I lost my Gram (those Italians are tough) after a long battle with a brain tumor and I think the waiting is the hardest part. Hugs.

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