TToT 3




TIME that people took from their own busy lives to check in, offering kind words and support.



HUSBAND for unwavering love despite weeks like this.




ART because it brings beauty, creativity and perspective into an otherwise dreary world.




NIGHT: a favorite, for it allows a few hours of free time and then the best of all – sleep.  A respite from the pain and worry, a chance to recharge for the next day’s fight.



KINDNESS can change a person’s day with a small act and it can change lives with bigger acts.  There can never be enough of it.



FICTION whole worlds that can be escaped into when reality is just too much.




UMBRELLAS to keep dry when the storm is raging and you must go out.




LOVE needs no explanation.


Nine and Ten are sleeping in and the week is over!

This post is part of the Ten Things of Thankfuls weekly blog hop.  Feel free to join in and link up, the more the merrier!  Be sure to check out the other TToT posts as well!



24 thoughts on “TToT 3

  1. Umbrellas for sure — because in Canada we needed them for the storms we had at 7 am and then we ditched them a few hours later at 11 am because we had a blizzard. Weird weather we are having. I don’t know if I should be wearing shorts, pants, parkas, toques, bathing suits — what’s going on here.

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  2. I do like the nighttime, too. When everyone is home, we’re all in our pajamas, and just relaxing and spending some time together. Even if we aren’t actually doing anything together. And then sleep. Marvelous sleep!
    The umbrella is a great invention. For the rain, of course, but I use it when I’m out in the sun on the sidelines of a soccer game, too.
    I hope the coming week is a good one for you.

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