Ten – TToT #2

I’m back for my second posting of Ten Things of Thankful, if you missed last week’s edition you can find it here.  I’m still working out the kinks, trying to find my own style for these new weekly posts of gratitude.  I know there are no rules when it comes to this, but it’s in my nature to carve out a little space to explore my individuality.  

As much as I love lists I will quickly get bored with 1-10 or A-J week after Ten - TToT #2week.  I’m simply a little odd in this way.  I generally don’t like writing ‘journal-ish’ posts because I don’t believe many people are interested in my personal life or the mundane goings on of it.  While this particular weekly gathering is mostly for my own benefit, a reminder that despite my depression and often lack of happiness I actually do have things to be thankful for, I still don’t want it to be a bore.  Ha, see what I did there?  I rhymed without even meaning to!

I digress.

I have not yet come up with a way to be uniquely creative in listing my thankfuls, but know that it’s on my mind.  Now I shall stop blathering on and get to it.

Remaining in the top spot I am truly most thankful and grateful for my husband.  He is the gorilla glue that holds my shattered pieces delicately together knowing that the glue can, has, and will break down from time to time.  He simply gathers the tiny pieces with gentle understanding and carefully helps put me back together as best he can.  I am still in awe that he chose me and loves me so fully.

Due to New Year’s Day, it was a short week at work. Who wouldn’t be thankful for that slice of paradise?!!!  

AND, my husband even had New Year’s Day off from work (he typically works holidays), so I got a bonus day to spend with him! Thankful numero tres, mi amigos 🙂

Fourthly, I’m thankful that the holidays are over.  I simply do not find the joy in them that I used to, call me jaded if you wish.

I have actually gotten around to sending out some cards and gifts – informing recipients that the 25th came too soon this year so I extended the holidays as needed.  I’m not done, but the sending of a few feels great and I am thankful for that.

This past week I was able to be there for a friend, and it just so happens, the very next night she returned the favor as I was in a vulnerable position and she was there for me right back.  I am absolutely grateful to have been there for a good friend in need and to have had a good friend to turn to when I was in need as well.

My seventh thankful is for all of the warm, warm welcomes I received in comments from other members of TToT in the past week!!!  One of the greatest aspects of blogging is the community you create as you go along, and I am grateful to have come across these folks.

Here’s an odd one for ya, this week I am grateful for puppy pee pads.  But they’re not for either of my dogs, they’re for one of my cats.  My oldest cat, Layla, has started going outside the box.  We’re in the process of finding out if she has a UTI or something medically wrong, but there’s a good chance it’s behavioral or age related.  It gets beyond frustrating cleaning up cat urine day after day, but since she goes in the same spot every time we can use these puppy pee pads and it is much easier to clean up!  So coming in at number nine, I am thankful for those pee pads!

My husband’s grandmother lives with my in-laws, she recently turned 93 years old.  Her health balances on a thin line, from doing better one day to not so well the next.  She is a strong-spirited Sicilian woman and she is not afraid to give you her opinion, still as sharp as can be.  Also kind and funny, and very frail.  She has taken me in as family since I met her in her home in Philadelphia, we were there during Superstorm Sandy, it was her 90th birthday then.  She had lived in that house in Philadelphia since she was 18 years old!  I could go on with the stories, but my point is I am beyond grateful to have every opportunity I have to spend time with and get to know the woman I call Gram.  Knowing her, she’ll live to be 106 and I hope she does, but I am thankful for each day I get to see her smiling and asking somebody to make some coffee.  

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Click to check out more TToT Posts!

28 thoughts on “Ten – TToT #2

  1. OK, call me dense, but it took me until now to connect “TToT” with Ten Things of Thankful – Thanks A. This is a fine list. I especially like the part about your husband’s grandmother and I hope she can stay just as sharp and bright for all the rest of her time. I was with my father through his last seven years as he disappeared into dementia which was hard, but I am glad we had some time before it got bad. “Gram” sounds like a real delight and treasured. Thank you.

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    • No worries, I had to think about it for awhile too ☺️ Glad you enjoyed hearing about Gram, she’s an amazing woman. Might have to try writing a bit more about her sometime. Thank you for your thoughts, I love hearing them!

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  2. I didnt get to the TToT last week so let me send you a belated WELCOME! I totally love the idea of a different way to post gratitude as it can get by rote after a while… I am always looking for a twist… I dont usually find one…but!……. and on the topic of puppy pee pads…my 16 year old poodle recieved two cartons (yes cartons) for Christmas…not that he has ever peed indoors but no one including myself has faith that a 16 year old doggy bladder can last must longer! Lets be hopeful though!

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    • Pleasure to meet your acquaintance! I’m told poodles are very intelligent and wonderful dogs 😊 Well, PSA, the pee pads work for naughty cats too! Thanks for coming by and welcoming me!


  3. Well first and foremost this evening (even though I’m SECOND, and it’s afternoon for you (maybe)) I’m THANKFUL super-a-lot for YOUR friendship and encouragement, my dear. You’ve really helped me to snap out of unhelpful perspectives (or at least see how I COULD, which is pretty much the same thing) and that’s so amazing and really just what I needed. Thank you, for you.

    I’m glad that Gram’s still hanging on in there and I hope her health improves and she gets back to her former self for many years to come. Always glad your husband makes the list (mine rarely did, which was telling) and HUZZAH for friends and snail mail. I’m having a perplexing time with a spot of snail mail and the fact I didn’t make a list, which leaves me flummoxed and I need to wait and see.


    • Yeah, she’s definitely an important one on the list, don’t let her placement fool you 😉 I cherish the time I spend with her, she is a hoot! She has also had an incredible life and I love hearing her stories ❤ Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


  4. No need to be creative in the format/theme of your post when you throw in a thankful such as “puppy pee pads”. It’s these sorts of things that make the TToT great. 🙂

    Gram sounds like my kind of lady and very similar to my grandma. She’s 91 and is still one feisty lady. I hope your Gram manages to stay on the healthy side of that line for a long time to come. The world needs people like her.

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    • I agree, the world does need people like her, it’s a shame more people don’t know her!

      I know I don’t HAVE to be creative in my format, and I probably won’t come up with anything anyway lol, but I like to TRY and be a bit different in the way I do things 😉


  5. So glad you came back for another week at the TToT! However you decide to write your list will be fine, but so far, it has held my interest! Sometimes the littlest things can make the biggest difference–glad the puppy pee pads are proving useful!

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    • Hahaha, what would really be useful would be my cat NOT peeing outside the litter box! For now, pee pads are keeping me sane! How crazy is that?! Clearly I am not ready for children, lol.


    • Thanks 🙂 I probably should have mentioned that last (on the list) does not mean least by any means! I’m thinking I might have to go spend more time with her today… ❤

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! So much appreciated!!!

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  6. Aw, how nice that you have built such a lovely relationship with your husband’s grandmother. Such a sweet name you have for her. I miss my grandparents all so much. Cherish any you are lucky to have still. They won’t be there always. Sad, but thankful is a good place to stay. Glad you decided to return for a second week and hope to see you here for a great many weeks to come.

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    • I’m lucky to have had the chance to build this relationship with her. When I met my husband Gram was still living in Philly, as I mentioned, in the same house she’d lived in since she was 18 years old. Her husband passed away 25+ years ago and she was living in that old house all by herself. If not for her health declining dramatically she would still be there, but she could no longer live on her own.

      She was given the option of a nursing home-type facility or moving here to Florida where my mother-in-law could care for her. She has been living here ever since and my MIL takes care of her every need – which is extensive. Luckily my MIL is a retired RN so she knows what she’s doing, but it is still a BIG job.

      Now we do Sunday dinners so we all get together at least once a week. The dinners were actually my idea because I missed my own family so much (they live in Iowa).

      And now you know half of my life story lol.

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  7. Welcome to the TToT

    I have not yet come up with a way to be uniquely creative in listing my thankfuls, but know that it’s on my mind

    <em.….wellll! 2 words: Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules)
    one of the very cool things about this here bloghop here, it will probably have a certain familiar feel to you, no rush, nothing mandatory about it… (zoe is our resident expert on the working of the BoSR/SBoR*)
    the sense of community is very definitely part of my reason for coming here. of course most successful bloghops have this sense of getting to know one and other, but there is a sense of fun about this ‘hop that you might like.

    *well, yes, now that you mention it, we do tend to take our acronyms seriously here… has anyone mentioned the SGV? just as well, it’s all good.

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  8. Gotta love gorilla glue. I often wondered if I could write the TTOT without using I, me, mine, I guess it would be less personal that way. When I start boring myself, I add lots of photos. Have a good week. Glad you are here. Happy New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m sure photos will come into play, I love pictures! I like your idea of trying not to use ‘I, me, mine’ it sounds like quite a challenge!! Thanks for popping by and saying hi 🙂


  9. I have been a lousy TToT co-host of late, so I didn’t get to welcome you last week, so I’ll do it now. It’s always nice to have a new face here, and I hope you feel like you have found a home with this group. Fellow co-host Clark is the master of oddball numbering of his weekly TToT, so you will be in good company with whatever method you decide to use.

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    • I think we learn about ourselves when we learn about others lives, you know? It also helps us step outside of our own lives and what we’re used to, to see things from another perspective.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes exactly. I see/learn about aspects of me through what you/others write. This specifically helps me feel better about me, to be gentler and kinder to me. In the knowing that I am not so isolated and broken as I imagine. ❤

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  10. I’m not huge on the list formats either normally. I need to get back into writing TToT again. I miss it and the reminder that we’re all so much more blessed even when it feels like things aren’t great. Love that you get to spend such great quality time with Gram and lol to puppy pads – they are a life-saver though. Or, at least a floor-saver!

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    • Hey, thanks for stopping by ☺️ I definitely need the TToT right now, the struggle is real (as they say) and I’m in the thick of it. I look forward to reading your thankfuls!


  11. I enjoyed reading your TTOT. I know I have tried often to find a theme or statement, and often lapse into a quick 10 things list. Other times I go with photos..and sometimes I actually feel like I have time to write and think, but that is not as often as I would like. I do find value in just being here..glad you are here too.

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