From Old To New

Before I get to the good tidings and such there are a few things I want to say first.

I recently added a new feature to each post which you may or may not have noticed.  It looks something like this:Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.18.52 PM If you scroll over the stars (not in this example) you can select however many you think the post deserves.  If enough people rate the posts it will give new readers an idea of which posts are most popular and perhaps where they should start reading.  I would really appreciate it if you would start rating my posts!  If you have a favorite (or a few favorites) of old, and it wouldn’t be too much trouble, you can go back and rate those too!  It doesn’t tell me who does the rating so feel free to be honest 🙂

Secondly, I got an email from WordPress (as I’m sure many of you did) with some fancy stats about how my blog performed in 2015.  My 5 most viewed posts were as follows:
1. There Is More to Me Than Depression
2. Diagnosed, Part 1
3. Diagnosed, Part 2
4. Diagnosed, Part 3
5. Please Advise
I guess Diagnosed, Part 4 wasn’t as riveting as the first 3 parts. Either way, this list left out basically all of MY favorites! I wonder if any of my favorites were also YOURS? Let’s find out! (In the order I wrote them)
1. Defining Moments
2. Empty
3. Torrid
4. Broken
5. Last Rays
(See how I threw in a bunch of links there? Now it will be super easy to jump back and rate a few posts for me!)

Lastly, WordPress kindly told me who my most active commenters were this year ❤ so I must give a shout out to those amazing souls whom I appreciate so very much!
1. Lizzi of Considerings | Life in Silver Linings
2. Peter of 42 Days Younger Than Kylie
3. ECHO of Echoshadow
4. Ruby of Ruby Browne
5. Matt of The Matticus Kingdom


And now, I bid 2015 goodbye…

Bright Shiny New

Please be safe tonight if you are going out for any reason ❤

17 thoughts on “From Old To New

    • Thanks Tammie 😊 my brain isn’t cooperating lately so I haven’t written much since the end of November ::sigh:: it ebbs and flows I guess…


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