Ten Thankfuls

This is my first time joining the blog hop Ten Things of Thankful, which was started by my good friend Lizzi over at Considerings | Life in Silver Linings.  If you’re not familiar with Lizzi’s writing forget about reading the rest of this post and go indulge yourself, she’s amazing!!!  Ok don’t totally forget about this post come back later or tomorrow, but seriously, this can wait.

I’m warning you now, this will not be my most eloquent piece of writing.  This time of year is hard for me, for a lot of people who have mental health issues.  Usually, writing is my release, but I have been struggling for the right words and keep ending up staring at this damn cursor blinking against a stark white screen.  So without further ado…

  1. I am most thankful for my husband.  He knew what he was getting himself into when we started dating, he has stood by my side through my absolute worst, luckily he’s also gotten to see me at my happiest.  I have never felt more loved or accepted or safe than I do with him.  I can confidently say that we love each other no matter what.  I don’t think I could get through the madness in my mind without his hand firmly gripping mine every step of the way.Ten Thankfuls
  2. Every now and then when you meet someone there’s that instant connection, you just click and could talk about anything right off.  That’s how it was when Lizzi and I met!  It was like we had known each other for years the way we could (and do) chat.  I am super thankful that she came into my life and we were able to find such a strong connection.  
  3. Writing, when the force is with me (so to speak), is a lifeline for me.  Sometimes it’s the only air in a world full of smoke, it’s the only way I can see through the storm raging in my soul.  I know I sound dramatic, but when my demons are in control I am quite literally fighting for my life.  I am thankful to have an outlet for my pain and a way to connect with other people through its release.
  4. I am grateful that I have loving and supportive parents. Sometimes I can’t afford all of the doctors and medications that come with my diagnosis and my parents will help me pay for them.  Actually, they have done that ever since I got my diagnosis.  They’ve listened to my meltdowns and talked me through anxiety attacks.  They have been my #1 fans and believers in me since the day I was born, as parents should be.  I really could not ask for better parents.  
  5. I have a beautiful niece and two very handsome nephews that I am thankful for.  I met my niece 12 days after she was born and felt an instant connection with her, I’d like to think she felt it too.  Her and I have built a very special relationship since they live within driving distance.  My nephews live across the country unfortunately and I’ve only met them a few times.  I try to keep up via social media and such, they are very smart and active boys!
  6. I am grateful to live by the ocean.  The ocean is a place of calming comfort for me, the sounds and smells embrace me like a guiding hug from Mother Earth.  Being near the ocean on the sand helps me find balance and get closer to my center, closer to where I belong.  
  7. I am thankful to have a roof over my head, even if I’ve grown tired of this particular roof (more particularly the structure beneath the roof). Oh dear, that doesn’t sound very thankful, does it?
  8. I’m thankful to have clothes to wear, I even mostly like them!
  9. I am grateful to have food to eat, though less so on nights when it’s just rice and beans (not going to apologize for that being a little less grateful than it should be)
  10. And finally, I am thankful to have a job that I don’t hate.  I’ll just leave it at that.


If you’re new here, thanks for stopping by!  You may want to start here if you’re interested in reading more!


19 thoughts on “Ten Thankfuls

  1. Awwwwh I really like it, my dear, and thank you for joining me into your list! You are wonderful and I’m so glad you’ve joined our little thankful community.

    I’m very thankful for you, too. As I said in comments chez moi. YOU are the reason I was feeling more thankful by the end of writing my list…because we talked and yiu cheered me up. Thank you xo

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  2. Welcome to the TToT! I am always impressed with TToT participants who join in when it is hard to do so. Nevermind whether or not the writing can be described as eloquent–even though I do think you have a beautiful way with words (“the sounds and smells embrace me like a guiding hug,” for example). Hope to see you again!

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  3. Welcome to the TToT!!!

    Ah, to be within reach of the ocean… Alas, I am in landlocked Indiana, and must be content with the photos of others and the occasional vacation.

    Nieces and nephews are awesome, aren’t they? I have lots of them, and I jump at every chance we have to get together with them.

    Two things about the TToT you should know. 1. Being eloquent is not required nor expected. With this post, you’ve been more eloquent than I’ve been in all 131 weeks I’ve done the TToT. 🙂 And 2. Being grateful for part of a thing, but not the entire thing, is perfectly OK. While you may not love your house, you are still thankful to have one. That in itself is great.

    Hope to see you around the link up again!

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    • I feel much better about my post now, thank you, Christine! I look forward to getting to know everybody involved with TToT and appreciate the warm welcome so much!


  4. I’ve had jobs I didn’t hate and jobs I hated – having one you don’t hate is a big thankful! I get being grateful for the roof over your head and at the same time being tired of what’s under it – there are days I think the only way to make my house work properly is with a blow torch or a wrecking ball.

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  5. I’m so glad you decided to link up to Ten Things of Thankful and that you are friends with Lizzi. I too think that writing can be a “lifeline.” Writing on a blog and writing in a personal journal offer differing ways of giving voice to one’s feelings and experiences, and talents. You husband sounds very supportive and understanding of your situation and needs. I love the ocean too, the sounds, the smells, the rhythm. It is all so calming. It doesn’t take long to get to know the others who link up and share their Ten Things of Thankful. Even though we are all different from one another, we all look for those things for which we are thankful, and that makes all the differences meld together in a commonality.

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  6. I have been participating in Ten Things of Thankful since last spring and it is the best part of my week.
    Okay, so some weeks coming up with ten things isn’t easy, but it is a worthwhile exercise. Welcome to the group.
    You are lucky to have found someone. A supportive hand to hold onto is something not everyone has found and it is worth holding tight.
    I too have a niece and two nephews. They are three of my favourite people, not just because, but that they are truly cool little individuals.
    I think you are blessed to live by the ocean and glad you’ve included it in your first TToT list. I don’t live near a body of water that big, but I do live near the Great Lakes here in Ontario, Canada. Water is extremely soothing. It has a pull that is hard to ignore.
    Hope to see you here again.

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    • Much thanks for the kind welcoming words 😊 I hope you’ll see me here (there?) again too!
      My niece is like a ray of sunshine straight through the heart ❤️ she could light up the whole world with her personality!
      Water IS soothing, I would almost say healing, there’s just something about that pull you mentioned.
      I am very lucky to have found someone like my husband, he will probably stay featured at #1 for good, because even when I’m mad at him he deserves it ❤️
      Thanks for popping by and leaving sweetness!

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  7. Welcome to the group. I started last summer as a challenge to see if I could follow through for three months…and more or less, I have continued to be here. It is a very welcoming community. I find that I have no problem telling these strangers things I wouldn’t tell my neighbor ! Congrats to you on getting help with your diagnoses. I can relate to the whole difficulty of it. I have had my son and my husband in rehab, and my dad has been dealing with chronic illness, and sometimes you are thinking they are going to kill you before they cure you. It is a process I guess, but I wish it was easier. Hang in there. Again, please write again, you write very well.

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