No Matter What

Warm kisses lightly brush my skin
He closes his eyes and breathes me in

Says he’s intoxicated by the way my hair smells
When I haven’t washed it
Vanilla and waffle cones, he says

It’s the moments without words
When the world balances firmly between our hearts

His whiskers soak up my tears
Little sponges of my salvation
Steady breaths warm my ear and calm my fears

No Matter What

My eyes, the darkest pools of empty dreams
He sees through and dives in
says the water’s fine

My broken pieces, a puzzle
He loves each piece with curious care
And smiles as I hide my eyes


I wake in fear, from time to time
He can’t love this and won’t love that
Deserves more than shattered, an empty shell

No matter what, he says
A concept I never knew, something I’m still getting used to

Love no matter what
And I do.

NanoPoblano2015 | NaBloPoMo15
Day 24


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