NaBloPoMo15, NanoPoblano2015

I traverse the recesses of my battered soul
Lightly trace my fingers across what might have been
I stand in the dark doorways of dreams long since dead

Fragments of my fierce resolve lay rusted, propped against the wall
Determination chipped away with each battle in a lifelong war
I drop to my knees and my hands steep in the years of blood, sweat and tears given to this fight for my life

I press my face to the dirty glass and see life beyond my desolate palace
Tears leave streaks of unwilling and failed understanding drizzling down through the muck
The agony of recurring abandonment, scars that remind I am utterly alone in the darkest of my nights
I watch from the window those who live in the light

I am broken | I am withered | I am scarred
I have Major Depressive Disorder

NanoPoblano2015 | NaBloPoMo15
Day 8

12 thoughts on “Broken

    • Wow, such a lovely compliment… I think the first thing to make me smile today, thank you 🙂 You just gave me an idea, to write things, like what you just said, down in a little notebook that I can carry with me and read when needed… hmmm

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  1. HI 🙂 I went to a Dealing with Depression seminar yesterday and one of the things suggested was having a folder full of the reminders that will brighten your day. I called it the Sunshine Folder!!! Keep writing!!! 8 days down and 22 to go!! Woot woot!!!

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