Summer of Sixteen

We owned that lazy town
The summer we were sixteen
Sweet simplicity, no responsibility

Wind-blown hair without a care
We stayed loyal to the moment, not many could keep up
We were everlasting, convinced our minds and spirits were immortal

Days were drenched in salty sweat and chlorinated pools
Nights savored in open fields under bright stars amidst the twinkling of fireflies and sweet rum-spiked slushies

Secrets were told, hearts were broken, big and little mistakes were made. But the summer of sixteen was the most undiluted, pure, memorable summer of my life.

And our theme song for that summer? Crazy Game of Poker by OAR 🙂

NanoPoblano2015 | NaBloPoMo15
Day 5

4 thoughts on “Summer of Sixteen

    • I suppose I’m lucky to have some memories that aren’t soiled in mental illness, there was a time when it didn’t dictate my life… I need to remember and hold onto that.

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  1. Perfect! Oh how I miss those carefree days! The problem of course is you don’t realize how carefree those days were till your teenage years are far behind you and you’re celebrating your 30th birthday with a toddler clinging to your knees 😂

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