The Unimaginables

It’s a place you pass through to get somewhere else, not much of a place itself.

Take heed and pause for a moment.

Don’t let the inbetweenness frighten you, there’s a lightness to the darkness when you open your eyes just right. Tread softly with gentle intentions and watch for the unimaginables, most frightfully nervous of creatures they are!

Inspectors of journeys distant and near, the success of your quest does rest within here.  They won’t bother you much, just a poke up your nose and a count of your lashes, a miniature stethoscope pressed to your mustaches.  “What on earth for?!” You ask, but a secret’s no secret if nobody keeps it!

When they offer you drink don’t ask of the contents, you must eagerly devour it, for manners are far more imperative than fleeting discomfort.  Besides, the Beetle Blood Wine is really quite divine… most of the time!


The Unimaginables

*2nd Image Photo Credit*

NanoPoblano2015 | NaBloPoMo15
Day 4

22 thoughts on “The Unimaginables

  1. This was magical. I thought I replied and just noticed I didn’t. I want the unimaginables to be a whole collection of children’s books, or those special books that are for the children that live inside grownups. ❤

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