SKIP: What Reminds Me

This frightfully wondrous exercise is brought to you by one of my biggest blogging inspirations, and you can check out the deets at SKIP Challenge over on Rarasaur!


Things that remind me of who I truly am…

  • kitty snuggles
  • loose leaf tea
  • stationary/notebooks
  • pens/colored pencils
  • typography
  • the Buddha
  • Vonnegut/Bukowski
  • children
  • sea glass
  • documentaries
  • crime tv shows
  • scrapbook journaling
  • photography/photos
  • Fiona Apple
  • greeting cards
  • swimming pools
  • beach walks by myself
  • hoodies
  • knee socks
  • bare feet
  • trinkets that fit in my hand

I’ll try to add to this list as I think of things, but this is a decent start!  I still feel very far from knowing myself again… Is there anything that reminds you of me?  Please share in the comments!!!

3 thoughts on “SKIP: What Reminds Me

    • I love white tea – it’s full of such goodness for body and soul and I’m drawn to its purity. I also love South American mate for its kick in the butt caffeine and bold flavors! I think Dave and I would have been fast friends ☺️


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