Sacred Space

Writing is sacred to me.

There has to be an energy flow throughout my workspace.  I can’t feel closed in or isolated, it stifles my thoughts.  I need natural light and noise that is also light and natural.  I found it in my kitchen.  The un-utilized breakfast nook became my open studio space…IMG_5639

I have my window-frame beach painting, so it feels like the magic of the ocean is right outside the window.  The desk was my mother’s when she was a child, it’s quite old, which is odd because my mother is quite young for her age!  I get my natural light from the back patio doors, seen (barely) in the top left of the photo.  I could sit in that chair for hours on end, and often do come weekends!

As for writing supplies? I love notebooks and pens, I am very particular in what I will use as a vessel and a voice.  Fancy is not the name of the game in this venture; it’s about line spacing and ink flow, and other such matters of writing importance.

These are a few of my favorite things...

These are a few of my favorite things…

6 thoughts on “Sacred Space

  1. I love natural light. I like to sit by my window or outside. My new house has a plug on both the front and back porch, so I’m looking forward to spending some writing time outside. I don’t handwrite anything. It’s all on my laptop, so a plug is important. 🙂

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