New and Exciting and Scary Things – Oh My!

I spent all last week unemployed and anxious about being unemployed.  Surely a few of you out there know the feeling.  Money is the root of all evil, I swear.  I only want it because I need it.  And I only need it because if I don’t have it I can’t pay my rent or buy food or clothes or pay my other bills, etc.  I did not make up these rules, I am just a minion among minions trying to survive.

I was raised to believe that if I finished high school and graduated from college I would then be able to find a job that would support all of the above needs and live comfortably.  Who made up this lie?!!!  Ok sure, it works for some people.  But for many, many people like me I now have an 8×10 piece of paper that’s worth roughly $200,000 dollars (my bachelor’s degree) that’s actually completely worthless.  There is simply nothing awesome about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved college and I love being educated.  But I hate being broke and unemployed.

I digress.

I had a job interview on Friday!  I love interviews because in this wondrous day and age the human aspect of job hunting has been eliminated.  They don’t want to see your bright shining smile dropping off your resume at their office, they want it submitted online, where they have no opportunity to associate a face with a name, or a personality with a resume.  In my case, and I’m sure many others, it is not my resume that shines above all others; it’s my personality and the professional way with which I carry myself.  Some people look great on paper, but lack all of the human necessities that go with a job.  Some employers will say I am either under or over-qualified for a position without ever meeting me.  That’s just ridiculous.  In an economy where it’s easier for high school graduates to get jobs than college graduates, what does it even mean to be over-qualified?!

I digress, again.

I submitted my resume, online, for nine different jobs last week.  I only heard back from one and they wanted an interview.  For me, getting an interview is like winning the job lottery.  I get to present myself; my bright, shiny, smiley, professional, educated, passionate, stylish self!  None of those attributes come across effectively through my resume.  So where some people hate interviews and get all nervous, I get excited!  And let me tell you, my friends, I rocked that interview like only I can do!  I don’t often toot my own horn, but, TOOT!  They called me later that same day and offered me the job!  TOOT TOOT!!!

NOW I’m a bit nervous.  Excited nervous, but nervous.  Meeting new people, learning new things, that fear of the unknown, and “what if I have no idea what I’m doing and I make a total fool of myself?!”  Dress code: Business Casual.  Um… ???  That makes me nervous in itself.  That could be interpreted in different ways, could it not?  The only thing the description says is “Colored denim ok, no flip-flops.”  I’m definitely excited because even though there will be a learning curve I’m quite confident that I will get it with a little time, training and patience.  I’m also excited because there are aspects of the job description that are things I really enjoy, like social media marketing – ding, ding, ding!

Remember how I mentioned that I hate money.  As grateful and excited (and nervous) as I am to be starting a new job, especially after searching for only one week, I won’t be making what’s considered a living wage.  Our system is seriously screwed up, my friends.  Despite this, I shall attempt to put my money anxieties to the wayside for the time being and dive into my new position as the totally mentally healthy A, and keep hidden the anxiety-ridden chronically depressed for as long as possible.  Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “New and Exciting and Scary Things – Oh My!

  1. That’s so great to find a job so fast! I too hate the online job application thing…I just feel like my resume is going off to Never Never Land (as in Never being seen by those who matter and Never getting a response). Good luck at the new job!

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