My reprieve from sadness didn’t last long

Three days maybe

I was ok when I woke up this morning

And then I felt the ache right behind my eyeballs

The one that indicates tears are forming

Not wanting to die is just a start 

It’s not the end of this waking nightmare

My husband asked if he was losing me again

I kept holding them back, shaking them off, taking deep breaths

I do not welcome them

But they know the road too well for me to stop them

They glide effortlessly down my waiting cheeks

And it begins again.

4 thoughts on “Frenemies

  1. I hear that this is very troubling and distressing for you. I hope that the unwelcome tears are in some way a pressure release for you. I’m battling my own way along this week again, but with helpful words and contact from my friends. A small focus on small battles that I can just push through will give me a little momentum to keep moving forwards. As always, even through all this, my hand is reaching out offering comfort and warmth to you, understanding and acceptance of you even as you battle against the darkness. xx

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