A Common Misconception

I read something the other day, I can’t quote it exactly, but the idea was that a depressed person is a weak person.  When I am in the depths of a depressive episode, my monster (a name I’ve given my depression) wants me to believe that I am weak, and often I do feel weak.  But when I read what I read the other day, I quickly wrote this down…

even at my weakest
I am strong
for I am still here breathing.
if I had no strength
my heart would’ve stopped beating
long ago.

It seems kind of vague looking back at it, standing on it’s own like that.

Let me break it down for you.  When I say “even at my weakest” I am referring to moments of total darkness, my depression (my monster) has complete control of the thoughts spiraling out of control in my mind.  In those moments, it takes incredible strength to keep breathing.  It takes strength to reach the other side of those moments, with the understanding that there will be more of them to overcome.  It takes strength to hold on when you feel you have nothing left to hold on to.  It takes strength to stay alive.

So yeah, I may appear weak sometimes, and I definitely feel weak at times.  But one thing depression has proved of me?

I Am Strong.

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